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SWITCHGEAR INDUSTRIES is a company that has emerged as a Low Tension(L.T.) and High Tension(H.T.) Control Panel manufacturer.
About Us...
All the finished Control Panels that roll out of our production line are tested thoroughly for: Technical Design ,Economical Design , Aesthetic Design , Component List , Quality Finishing Overall Quality Control , Trouble-free Working .
This is so because we believe that a good technical design backed by quality finishing keeping in mind the cost effectiveness is way to worthiness of a finished product.
Good panels should not only be sound technically, but also should aesthetically match the surrounding too. We deliver products that employ solid state electronic components (wherever possible) because of which the possibility of faults occurring are minimal. However, in any such event of faults occurring, all that our clients need to do is give us a call and we deliver the needful corrective services at earliest.
Having ventured into various Industrial fields for building of Panels, our work force has developed immense talent and confidence that can enable us design any panel simply with the word go.
All we need to know is the way in which the Machine is to be working in conjunction with the Panel. We have qualified engineers and wiremen to handle all that it needs from designing, implementing, testing etc. to give our clients a desired end result.
Although our cliental base has been large but comprising of select reputed companies to whom we have been satisfying since all these years,
the most commemorative achievement was when we successfully made a Control Panel for a "Cold Storage Unit" as a replacement to their already
existing Imported control panel.
The interesting fact about this achievement is not just in manufacturing it but also in its indigenous design which made it a favorable option against the then being used foreign counterpart. The new panel manufactured by our company was not only small and compact in size but also used locally developed PLC (Programmable Logic Control) thus satisfying client's all essential needs. Further more, the panel was far more low in its price tag comparatively which meant it was economical and most suited for desired job. All these features collectively made it the best buy for the company to vote in our favour for sanctioning further orders.
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